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Our original store which our early and loyal customers are familiar with was named Safin Grill and it was formed in 1995 in downtown Hamilton. That store and subsequent ones after have used the same mouth watering family recipes that have been with us for many generations. In 2008 the name was switched to Sana Grill and applied to our store in the Rosedale neighborhood . From that first store in downtown Hamilton we have never lost sight of who we are and our purpose to provide the best food possible for our customers.

Our menu has since expanded and includes falafels, gyros, poutine, butter chicken, chicken curry and pizza in addition to our timeless shwarmas and rice dishes. Regardless of your individual pallets, Sana Grill will have a menu item or meal that will fit your price range and taste bud. We have menu options ranging from $5 to $500. Our food is healthy and served from ingredients made from scratch. We enjoy making the best food possible because we love to serve you….OUR CUSTOMER!

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