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Our business model is second to none. If you desire financial independence that comes with the joy of being an entrepreneur, Sana Grill is your choice and you will never regret your decision. Some common questions we get regarding a franchise are:

If you have $30 K, we will find a way to get you a store. Stores typically cost $80K to $100K to build. Our business model has no franchise fees and no additional set up costs. We will show you how to build a store for exceptional customer service at the lowest price possible.

Characteristics of our franchisees:
You must have a background working in a restaurant or food service. Exceptional commitment to quality Never ending energy for customer service. Passion to be an entrepreneur.

On going fees:
We have no fees to run an individual location. We require consistency in our quality and taste. The key ingredients are purchased through Sana Grill.

How do I get started?
Call 289 933 2705 to set up an initial meeting. From there we will help you find a location and get a store built.
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